Wordpress link it with jetpack subscription

Wordpress link it with jetpack subscription
I have popup plugin i want to link it with jetpack subscription .
i googled but cant find solution help me to do this.

Directly on Jetpack.me it talks about a shortcode for the subscription form. No Googling needed - go straight to the source.

I don't care how new you are to WP, but if you're too lazy to look on the site I gave you already, I'm certainly not going to do the work for you, especially since I don't use Jetpack on any site.

One key skill every WP user needs is the ability to find their own solutions. Sure, we all get stuck sometimes and asking in a group like this can get you pointed in the right direction, or provide a solution.

But if someone points you to a solution you need to go out there and read up on it yourself. It's how we all get better at what we do.

Many of us get paid for our WP work. You're getting good free advice here. Don't expect someone to hold your hand. You have to put forth some effort too.

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