Wordpress dashboard is not loading?

Wordpress dashboard is not loading?

The usual advice is to deactivate all plugins and revert to the default theme. If your problem then disappears you can put things back one-by-one until you find the culprit.

You can still deactivate plugins by accessing the site via FTP. Create a dir and drag your plugins into it. If you can access your dashboard then, you know that one of the plugins was the problem. Drag one at a time back into the plugins folder and see if you can still access your dashboard.

Remove from wp-content. I'm told WP is bright enough to cope with that. Never tried it myself.

Just a small addition. I'd put the plugins back in reverse date order of installation/activation.

If there are no new plugins, it could be that a recent update made an old one interfere with something. You'll get that once in a while with outdated plugins.

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