Wordpress user role editor?

I want to create a user role that lets them edit and publish, but not change the title or slug on a specific custom post type. The title and permalink on that custom post type will be created for them and absolutely have to stay the same. Ideas?
If the codex mentions the slug on the roles and capacities page, I'm not seeing it. The only thing I can think of is to somehow remove access to the title and permalink in the edit posts part of that specific custom post type - haven't gone that route yet.
- Some sort of function, where if a certain type of user role, then css display: hide the slug so they can't even see it, so they can't edit it.
- In poking around in the css and googling, I did eventually find this codex reference on removing meta boxes, so now I know what the parts are named. If I can remove the permalink edit parts and the title from the admin view, it seems logical that I should be able to replace the title with plain text w/o an editable form field. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function.../remove_meta_box

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